• Jason Donaldson

Does my water softener need a service?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

If you have never had your water softener serviced then maybe it's about time for some TLC. Question: "my water softener is using salt so it must be working" Answer: WRONG! All water softeners can use salt but not be necessarily performing as they should. For example a water softener might be using more salt than is needed due to wear and tear on serviceable parts. Too much water can result in a waste of salt, too little and you will run out of softened water until it next regenerates. A cold water storage cistern of hard water can take days if not weeks to replace even after a fully regenerated system.

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Did you know we service and repair all makes and models of water softeners including the following Waterside, Culligan, Ecowater Systems, Harvey Water Softeners, Kinetico, Permutit, Aquadial, Tapworks, Nu Wave, Monarch and many more.

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