Drinking Water Filter Systems

We can offer a wide range of drinking water filter systems to meet your requirements. If you are looking to just improve the taste of the water have a look at our Doulton range of products. Purifying water with a reverse osmosis system will remove nearly all contaminants giving you exceptional quality water delivered straight from your tap

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Reverse Osmosis Systems

The most advanced type of drinking water filter system. Customisable multi-stage filtration process delivering pure water. Ideal for drinking, washing, cooking and preparing food.

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Doulton Water Filters

High quality British manufactured water filter cartridges. Improve the look, smell and most importantly the taste of your water by removing common contaminants whilst retaining natural minerals.

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Water Coolers

Mains filtered water fed cooler systems for homes and places of work. Dispense ambient and chilled water on demand with Borg & Overstrom's range of coolers.

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